Monday, October 18, 2010

ISO: Thanksgiving sides in the crock pot

Calling out into the great unknown that is the interwebz: My inlaws are hosting Thanksgiving this year instead of me, because we are all going to IN to gather one more time as a family before a cousin moves to Europe with his family. My mother in law wants to do most of the cooking and I said I'd help, but she only has one oven and the bird will be taking over that most of the day. So, if anyone has any tried/true tasty crock pot recipes for the traditional thanksgiving fixings, please let me know.

My mother in law already has a green bean casserole one, it's similar to the traditional one just like 3x the amount of beans and less liquid:beans ratio. I already have a mashed potatoes one that is pretty good, just have to dig it up.

So we need:
Sweet potatoes
corn pudding (my thanksgiving favorite)
any others you may have that are worthy :)

My father in law will cook the bird and usually stuffs it, I can probably do some stove top stuffing on the stove for just regular stuffing, but if anyone has a good crock stuffing recipe please share.

An apple dessert may be good too, an aunt plans to bring pumpkin pie I believe, another a veggie tray, and another a fruit salad, and I plan to do appetizers.

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