Monday, August 11, 2014

Wonder Woman costume

My almost 7 year old is really into Wonder Woman and wanted to be her for Halloween. I wasn't impressed by the costumes I could find online so we decided to make our own. She has been bugging me since February, so that's why I was thinking about Halloween when it is still summer. I used a variety of pins I found on Pinterest so thought I'd put all the tutorials I found helpful all in one place. My daughter is about 52 inches tall, almost 7. So depending on the age of the person you are making yours for you may need to edit my amounts to fit your requirements.

This is how the costume currently looks, all I have left is to do the golden lasso, once I figure that out I will edit the post to include that.


To make our version of wonder woman, we needed:

- roll of gold duct tape (crown, cuffs)

- large roll of red duct tape (boots)

- sheet of white duct tape (boots)

- foam visor with corded back (crown)

- 3 toilet paper rolls (cuffs)

- gold fabric paint (shirt)

- silver puff paint (shirt)

- red paint pen (crown star)

- red tshirt, washed.

- 1.5 yards blue star fabric (skirt)

- wide elastic (skirt)

- skinny elastic (cuffs)

- gold cording (lasso)

- gold stretchy sequins (skirt belt)

Crown To start with the top, the crown I made by taking the foam visor folding it in half, and cutting to the shape I wanted the crown to be (you will wear the visor upside down, bill up). Then I wrapped it in duct tape, and drew a star. The paint pen I have is a metallic, I need to get a brighter red to draw over the star again.

Shirt The tshirt I washed/dried to ensure any shrinking would happen before we painted, also put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to prevent any paint bleeding to the back. I downloaded the logo here and had it fit a portrait piece of paper. Then I laminated that piece of paper and carefully cut out the outline of the entire WW logo. I then used the laminated paper for a stencil, and stenciled the whole WW logo area in the gold paint. I taped down the sheet during stenciling and took it off immediately after I was done stenciling. I let the shirt dry for 2 days before continuing to the next step.

I cut the logo apart, leaving the little extra "wing" piece attached to one of the Ws. I then lined up one half into the logo where it belonged and traced with puff paint. Then outlined the whole logo in puff paint and free handed the little extra wing section that I'd left attached to the W. Then let that dry a few days undisturbed because I did it thick to hide any imperfections along the edges from stenciling.

Cuffs The cuffs I made by cutting one side (long ways) of a toilet paper roll of two rolls, I then cut another one in half (long ways) and attached one half to each of the cut rolls with some duct tape. I then angled the cuffs so the wrist area is slightly narrower than the arm side of the cuff. Wrapped the entire cuff (both sides) in the gold duct tape. Then punched a hole on each side with a thick needle and thread a small section of thin elastic (can even be a hair tie cut) in and tie. My daughter had trouble keeping the cuffs on without the elastic.

Skirt Our initial plan was to do a blue tutu with white stars glued on. But after thinking about it, my daughter decided Wonder Woman would not be the tutu type. So I headed to Pinterest to find an easy skirt to put together for her. Found this Circle Skirt. Perfect. I didn't have elastic as wide as she recommends, but my daughter wanted the sequins skirt anyways so it didn't really matter. She'd picked the blue star fabric at JoAnns, I bought 1.5 yards since she wanted it about 16 inches long. After I got the skirt built, I lengthened the straight stitch length and ran a stitch around the sequins on the elastic. Hand sewed where the sequins met up.

Boots I made complete boots, that she will wear instead of shoes on Halloween trick or treating. I roughly followed this tutorial on wrapping her legs and shoes in saran wrap then doing the duct tape and cutting off.

But after I cut off I then used the duct tape to make it wider all around. I used the entire large roll of red duct tape on her boots, she has size 1 shoes. I then cut up the white duct tape into 1 inch strips and did the stripe down the front and trim around the leg holes.


- Cut duct with scissors to keep it neat on the ends, you may need to wash your blades to get sticky gunk off after. I kept the length between 3-6" to keep them manageable, duct tape likes to stick to itself. I used a paper cutter to cut the 1 inch strips of duct tape for the boots.

- Don't over stretch the elastic for the skirt, I had to seam rip when I over stretched at first and had more elastic than skirt about halfway thru.

- Do multiple tries of the boots on as you are adding duct tape to avoid them from getting too tight.

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