Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pot Roast

This is how my Mom made pot roast. It's yummy, and pretty easy. My sister got the recipe from me at Christmas and then dropped the card behind her gas stove. I e-mailed her a copy but figured yet another place to store it would save me from copying it for her a 3rd time. You need an electric fry pan like this to make this, or you can attempt it with a large dutch oven or covered dish in the oven.

Pot Roast
Serves 4-8 (depending on roast size)

Round bone pot roast or larger boneless roast
Garlic pepper
Minced onion
Pinch of salt
1 tsp kitchen bouquet
Baby carrots
Red potatoes quartered/diced
4Tbsp flour
1 cup water

Pam electric fry pan, set to 350*
Place meat in pan, season with spices. Brown. Flip and season again. Brown meat.
Turn heat down to 200-225* (slow simmer). Add at least 3 cups of water to pan (surround meat with water) and cover it. Keep an eye on water level and let it simmer a few hours. Add kitchen bouquet to water, add baby carrots. 30 min later add potatoes. Simmer about an hour. Take out veggies and put in bowl, remove meat. Tent both with tinfoil.
Make gravy in a gravy shaker or a jar. Add flour to cup of water, garlic pepper & basil to taste. Shake so that flour & water mix. Slowly add to base in pan until it thickens (slow boil). May need to turn up heat to thicken.

Alternate oven directions: Brown meat as directed. Place in dutch oven and cook at 325* for 2-3 hours. Add carrots & potatoes (watch liquid level) during the last hour in the oven.

If we have leftovers we usually toss in some peas & corn with the gravy, cut up meat, and leftover veggies and eat it as beef stew. It freezes well.

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