Thursday, March 12, 2009

skinless twice bakes?

So I am trying this Man-Lovin' Potato Casserole tonight for Dad's birthday dinner. I tried the mixture and it tastes like skinless twice bakes :) yum. The only changes I am making are 2Tbsp dried chives instead of red onion, cheddar instead of american (with a bit of mozz cheese too, I am running low on shredded cheese), and shredded parm instead of grated. I will update y'all if it turns out gross but I think we may have a winner.

***after dinner edit: I thought it was a bit salty, probably from the bacon, season salt, and mayo. I may scale back to use only 1/2 tsp season salt next time or omit all together. With the other seasonings I don't know that I'd miss it. I did use a little bit of "tastefully simple" bacon bacon because I didn't have quite enough bacon bits. That may have added some salt too.

The man's opinion was good, Chris loves salt so he thought they were great ;) Dad seemed to like them. Though he rarely says he doesn't like something.


  1. A boy who rarely says he doesn't like something? Someone should study him.

  2. my Dad is also super polite... only thing I've done that warranted a comment is put hard boiled egg on salad, he doesn't like those. And once or twice I had an all-out disaster and told him he didn't have to eat something ;)