Monday, March 9, 2009


I'll be married 7 years so some of my kitchen gadgets have bit the dust, are MIA, or melted in the dishwasher (cheap plastic measuring spoons). So this last weekend I treated myself to some new gadgets :)

First stop was Williams Sonoma, the dangerous store. I was pretty good, but I couldn't resist these 3 things:
- Mechanical Pastry Bag I can have pretty cakes/cupcakes now! ;)
- I bought both the all clad measuring spoons & Odd Sizes measuring cups (wasn't a set with odd sized spoons). I was pretty excited about the odd sized measuring cups. 2/3 cup, 3/4 cup, and 1 1/2 cup. Yes I'm lazy but it will make my life a little easier while baking :) and no more melting the measuring spoons in the dishwasher, these babies are metal.

Then I wandered Macy's while my husband was in the Apple store. I had $20 on a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and they didn't have the Privos shoes I wanted in my size (AGAIN, I hate Macy's shoe dept). So I decided to see what kind of gadgets Martha had I couldn't live without. She had a few ;)
- pretty blue trivet, I never had gotten around to getting a non-holiday trivet.
- collapsible funnel, I killed my funnel awhile ago. I like that it squishes flat for storage :)
- a Martha batter bowl, which is apparently not online :-p (has a handle and a spout)
- martha's everything clips though mine are red I wish they were blue. I was sold because you can throw them in the freezer :) I've lost a few chip clips to the freezer.
and I got a set of little silicone coated wine stoppers, since we somehow lost our good one.

And my weird gadget that works recommendation is The Skurba potato glove not to be confused with those crazy peeling gloves. No, these just scrub your taters clean. Chris' aunt bought me some for Christmas in Sweden and I thought she was nucking futs. But they actually work really well ;) just have to keep the water not too cold if you are doing a lot of potatoes or your fingers get numb ;)


  1. Let me know how you like the mechanical pastry bag. Annie (Annie's Eats) uses one. Is that what you used for your recent cupcakes? ;)

    I have the old skool squeezy bags. Do you know if the Wilton tips (or any other tips) fit on the mechanical bag? I'm not sure if I'll switch or not, but if I did I'd hate to lose all my tips.

    Also, do you push the plunger to dispense the frosting, or does it somehow go on its own?

  2. the frosting kind of goes up between the plastic tube liner and the metal tube a bit, and you have to hand wash it all. It comes with 9 tips... 3 bigger ones, 1 filling one, and 6 smaller ones. The tips just go thru a ring that you screw to another piece on the tube, so you may be able to if they are similar diameter. Someone in the ratings comments said that they were able to use their existing tips with it.

    You have to push down to dispense the frosting but it comes out pretty easy.

  3. it only holds about 1 cup of frosting though and doesn't get the last bit out between the plunger and the tip real well. It was okay to refill twice to do cupcakes but if I was doing a big cake someday it may be a PITA ;) I don't have the skillz for that so as a quick tool it works for me :)