Sunday, March 15, 2009

time for an experiment... or 3

I have some strawberries headed south, so I think I'm going to make little coffee cake muffins using this recipe as a base. Mmm cream cheese involved? :) I will dice the strawberries and add right to the batter rather than use jam.

post baking notes: The strawberries in the batter made it a big too moist, I over filled my jumbo cups (made 6, should've at least made 8), I subbed sour cream for yogurt (its what I had), and I added 1 tsp vanilla and 1/4 tsp cinnamon to the batter. Great flavor though :) May try just a few slices of strawberry or Jam under the cream cheese layer next time.

My Mom hated corned beef and cabbage but would make it for my Grandpa when he was alive because he was pretty much 100% Irish and loved it. So, since she hated it and I also think it reminded her of Grandpa, she never made it. Ever. So I was walking thru Meijer today with Chris and he talked me into agreeing to make corned beef this year. I said sure but no cabbage because he won't eat that ;) So I am going to make this one (and do the recommendation of adding the seasoning packet with the brown sugar) and this soda bread. Will probably do the corned beef in the crock with 1 can Guinness and 1 can's worth of water, since I'm not a HUGE Guinness fan. Also will throw potatoes and carrots in with it towards the end. Was going to make beef stew for St. Pat's but NO ;) I don't recall even really eating corned beef except as lunch meat. Dad has a meat slicer so we can slice the leftovers and they can enjoy it again ;)

Will let you know how my experiments turn out. *evil laughter*

edited to add: I wasn't a fan of the corned beef, but I am not a huge fan of Guinness so that could be why ;) my husband liked it. I put carrots, potatoes, and onion diced up on the bottom, then the corned beef with brown sugar and the seasoning packed sprinkled on it, then 2 bottles of Guinness in my crock and let it cook about 9 hours. The Soda bread turned out pretty good, even with a cup of wheat flour in it since I ran out of AP flour. ;)

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