Monday, February 1, 2010

New pork recipe

Have I mentioned I love the Pork Board's website? Because I do. It's got a lot of great recipes. I got one of our favorite grilled recipes on there too. Think I already posted it here.

Anyways, here's tonight's pork dinner: Mustard-Herb crusted pork loin - I used the whole grain dijon mustard :) I'm having a sweet potato and Dad/Chris get some redskins tossed with EVOO and garlic/onion/season salt wrapped in foil and baked.

edited: YUM. This was good, different from the normal "shake some seasonings on and throw it in the oven". Will make again. I used 2 Tbsp of egg beaters insted of the yolks it called for and used the whole grain mustard.

And sometime this summer, since I finally got a citrus zester & manual (by hand) juicer I am going to try this one for my Margarita loving husband. Margarita pork roast.

Also a big step for me today: I ate oatmeal and didn't gag. I bought some of the Quaker low sugar variety pack since my hubby loves the maple/brown sugar kind. I tried the apple cinnamon and it okay made with milk. I think it'd be nasty made with water. They have a blueberry muffin one I want to try next. Oatmeal is only 2 points made with water and 3 made with 1/2 cup skim. Think I'll eat the point to not have it be funny. ;)

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